Upcoming Series

The Markle Student Ministry meets 1st hour down in the "Underground" at Markle Church. The series and messages  are intentionally created to coincide with the same series and messages the church is going through. This strategic plan was implemented so students and parents will be able to easily initiate conversations at home.

  • Outside The Zone

    This series is focused on challenging students to move outside of their comfort zones and experience life the way it was designed to be experienced!

    WEEK 1

    February 3rd

    Week 2

    February 10th

    Week 3

    February 17th

  • The Beautiful Trade

    The book of Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels, but it’s packed with one central message—that Jesus wants us to trade up. He wants us to trade what we know, what we think, how we see others forsomething better. It’s a beautiful trade, because not only do we exchange something for something different, we exchange our lives, our perspectives for something better. It’s a message that’s at the heart of the Easter story, but it’s shown through Jesus’ interactions long before the crucifixion and resurrection.

    WEEK 1

    April 7th

    "Jesus is not asking to be an addition to your life; He is asking to be your life."

    Week 2

    April 14th

    "The people you think don't matter, the ones you think are worthless and meaningless, are actually cherished, chosen and valued."

    Week 3

    April 21st

    "If you say Jesus is the Messiah, you are going to have to make a trade"


    As followers of Jesus, we’re part of a movement that began thousands of years ago—a movement that’s still alive today! It’s called the church. In this series, we’ll explore exactly how the early church began this movement. As we do, we’ll discover that, like them, we can move forward further and faster when we’re following Jesus together.

    Week 1

    April 28th

    "We Are Better Together"

  • The Good Fight

    All families fight. We just fight about and for different things, and we fight in different ways. Some families are very vocal; others quietly stuff their frustrations inside. But regardless of how families fight, every family decides what they are going to fight over. Fighting about rules and issues will always drive us apart, but there is another way. What if we began to fight for relationship? What if our sole objective was to know each other and to honor each other? The Good Fight encourages students to stay in the fight and never give up on their relationship with their parents.

    Week 1

    May 12

    "Honor Opens The Door For Relationship"