Upcoming Series

The Markle Student Ministry meets 1st hour down in the "Underground" at Markle Church. The series and messages  are intentionally created to coincide with the same series and messages the church is going through. This strategic plan was implemented so students and parents will be able to easily initiate conversations at home.

  • Make Room

    This series is focused on challenging students to not get so busy we miss out on what God has planned for us. 

    WEEK 1

    May 19th

    "Room To Breath"

    Week 2

    May 26th

    "Slow Your Roll"

    Week 3

    June 2nd

    "We Are Better Together"

    Week 4

    June 9th

    "The Unknown"

  • What's Your Name?

    WEEK 1

    June 16th

    "God is in the re-naming business. Lucky for us he has named us his children. Which means we get to call the creator of the universe "Father!"

  • Charged

    Everyone has experienced the frustration of their phone or laptop battery dying at the wrong time. In a similar way, we can find our spiritual batteries drained too soon if we don't consistently plug them in to a power source. This series addresses the issues we all face when we are unplugged from God for too long. Even after we get supercharged through mission trips, camps, retreats, or other major God experiences, we must be careful to plug right back in or risk fading away. Help your students dive into Scripture and get the spiritual charge they need from the ultimate Power Source.

    Week 1

    June 23rd

    "We need to be plugged in to our source of power"

    Week 2

    June 30th

    "What to do when we feel our power fading?"