Upcoming Series

The Markle Student Ministry meets 1st hour down in the "Underground" at Markle Church. The series and messages  are intentionally created to coincide with the same series and messages the church is going through. This strategic plan was implemented so students and parents will be able to easily initiate conversations at home.


    Potential. It’s a strange word for many students. They hear it from parents, teachers, coaches, and maybe even student pastors. But do they really know what it means? Some students hear, “You have a lot of potential.” Others hear, “You’re not reaching your potential.” But what does that mean in a student’s mind? If they have potential does it mean they’ll get into a good college? Does it mean they’re going to accomplish all the things their parents want them to accomplish? Does it mean they’re going to be famous or make a lot of money or change the world?

    WEEK 1

    "You Are Not Limited By Your Labels" 

    January 6th

    Week 2

    "Don't Bury What God Can Build On"

    January 13th

    Week 3

    "Don't Let Fear Hold You Back When God Calls You Forward"

    January 20th

    Week 4

    "Let God's Words Be Your Worth" 

    January 27th