Upcoming Series

The Markle Student Ministry meets 1st hour down in the "Underground" at Markle Church. The series and messages  are intentionally created to coincide with the same series and messages the church is going through. This strategic plan was implemented so students and parents will be able to easily initiate conversations at home.

  • Make Room

    WEEK 1

    September 8th

    Part 1 - Matthew 5:13

    Week 2

    September 15th

    Part 2 - Matthew 5:13

    Week 3

    September 22nd

    Guest: Bill Kershner

    Christian Student Fellowship | Indiana University

    Week 4

    September 29th

    Guest: Alan Wan: Good News Productions

  • unLikely

    Week 1

    October 6th

    We serve a God who is ALWAYS looking to use "underdogs!"

    Week 2

    October 13th

    Unlikely People

    Week 3

    October 20th

    Unlikely Places

    Week 4

    October 27th

    Unlikely Responses

  • Inside Out

    Week 1

    November 3rd

    Joy points people to Jesus

    Week 2

    November 10th

    Go and be for everyone

    Week 3

    November 17th

    What we believe on the INSIDE determines what we do on the OUTSIDE

    Week 4

    November 24th

    Serving big starts at home