covid precautions

Markle Student Ministry Families, we love being able to meet with you all and we want to continue to gather! As such, we need to continue to take the proper steps to ensure the ability to meet as a student ministry. 

Since restarting MSM programming early this Fall, we asked that all participants properly wear masks and practice social distancing to help ensure the health of our community and to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

In light of the recent spike in cases for our area, we are asking the MSM family to prioritize the health of our greater community by properly wearing masks and participate in social distancing at all MSM events. 

We are going to continue temperature checks for all participants/visitors for Sunday morning programming. We also ask that you properly wear a mask in all appropriate situations as well as social distancing. 

Second, in regards to MSM on Sunday nights, we ask that all students properly wear a mask and practice social distancing during our MS & HS meeting times. We are going to be moving our meeting spaces around for small groups so that there is enough room for the capacity of our groups to practice social distancing. 

This does include all events (ie. McThanksgiving Breakfast, Blessing Tree Shopping, Christmas Parties, etc).

We love being able to gather and we want to keep gathering. To be able to do so we must continue to follow the guidelines and recommendations given to us to ensure the health of all of our respective communities. 

If you have any questions or need further clarity on anything don't hesitate to message/contact us.

Thank you,

The MSM Team